Testimonials for EZ Route

"This is a great plastic conduit manifold. It really helps keep the PEX tubing organized & keeps in place. Will definitely use this again when I go do my house."

By Jeff
"One thing that is very good about this product is it leaves your job looking very professional."

By Acute Builders
"I used the EZ route premier for a 10 loop system. it is easy to cut and install, once I secured it to the ground it was easy to run the pex thru and up. I would not run pex in slab without the EZ route. Great product!!"

By Pex Head
"I love it- its great!"

By Andy
"Makes things tidy."

"Used it on a 5 loop 1/2 pex and it protects the pex at the concrete slab and great organized appearance."

By Edward
"Usually use 3/4" pvc conduit sweep 90 to stub lines up out of concrete. Seen these and gave them a try. They work really well simple to mount to wood or concrete, they have little dimples in the ends of each bend to screw through. You can cut them apart with a utility knife to make the right amount of citutis and use whats left on the next job. It also spaces pipes to fit to manifold properly. Definitely a time saver and neater job."

By Plumber63
"I used this to install 8 runs of PexAlPex that totaled ~ 1900 ft. It resulted in a clean installation, allowed the runs to be easily organized and was much easier than using 3/4 inch PVC sweeps. It fit well and easy to attach and use. The instructions were clear even for a first time user. I would definitely buy again."

By Toolman