• EZ Route PEX Routing and Organizing Premier Product
  • EZ Route PEX Routing and Organizing Radius Product
  • EZ Route PEX Routing and Organizing Straigt Product
  • The EZ Route provides PEX routing and PEX organizing
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The EZ Route Premier routing

The Premier product is all you need to make your routing quick and easy. Designed for 1/2" or 5/8" tubes in unison. 3/4" and 1" in a single channel. Shipped as a 6 or 12 channel system. Simply cut down to your job specifications.



The EZ Route radius routing

The Radius product is sold by itself. If you have access to supporting and installation materials, then this will be a good, economical choice to make your 90° turns easy and organized.



The EZ Route straight routing

The Straight product is an add-on accessory that can be used with the Premier or the Radius, keeping your tubes directed upward and straight. This allows for easy labeling as well as keeping the tubes out of the way of the masons. This will save time, money and hassle.


Pex organizing The EZ Route Way.

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